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Empowering Lives, Enriching Journeys

At C3 Empowerment, our journey is defined by a profound commitment to empowerment and personal growth. We believe that every individual and organization has the potential to achieve greatness.

Our mission is to unlock that potential, fostering self-awareness, meaningful relationships, and sustainable success. Learn more about our story, values, and the dedicated team behind our empowering journey. Explore how we enrich the lives of individuals and how we transform people resources of businesses to create a culture of learning, performance and collaboration.

Our Team

Sharon Kon


Sharon, our Founder, is a seasoned personal empowerment strategist with a background in senior management roles in banking and conglomerates. With over two decades of experience, she specializes in personal development and self-empowerment consulting and coaching. Sharon holds qualifications as a Chartered Accountant (Institute of England and Wales) and a Master in Social Science (Counselling) from UniSA. She is also a certified Reiss Profile Master and a Global Training Partner of IDS Publishing Corporation, underscoring her expertise in the field.

Clem Escano

Lead Trainer and Managing Consultant

His training and consulting activities are enriched by the vast wealth of practical experience of leading people with over 30 years of executive management experience.


Together with his partner, he conducts workshops on personal and leadership development and on empowering individual and team performances to corporations, and has trained and certified professionals as Reiss Profile Master from Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Clem is a Bachelor of Arts, major in Economics and has completed academic requirements for Master of Science in Industrial Economics. He is a certified Reiss Profile Master, trained and certified by Prof Steven Reiss, the creator of Reiss Motivation Profile.

He is a resource instructor at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, College of Continuing Education, Philippines.

Stanley TF Kon

Associate Senior Consultant

Stanley, our seasoned professional, brings over 30 years of expertise in hospitality and services. His career encompasses all aspects of front and back office operations, audit, finance, and hands-on project management during construction and launch. With roles such as Resident Manager and DGM for renowned international brands, Stanley's experience is enriched by a strong track record in employee development and service excellence training. As a certified Reiss Profile Master, he's dedicated to nurturing the potential of each individual, making them invaluable assets to organizations.

Lita Ilham

Associate Coach

Lita, our passionate advocate for child-centric education, brings a wealth of experience to her role as a certified Reiss Master. She discovered the power of the RMP during executive coaching sessions in Indonesia and played a crucial role in translating the RMP into Bahasa Indonesia. With a magna cum laude BA in Psychology and over 25 years of experience in early childhood education, she believes every child can excel. Lita's expertise extends to coaching executives and guiding school-going children using the RSPM, emphasizing personalized learning profiles and psychological development for each child's full potential.

Bryan Tan

Associate Coach

Bryan, our passionate family life coach and advocate for the Dads for Life movement in Singapore, combines over 22 years of leadership and training development experience from diverse sectors. With a background in Mechanical & Production Engineering, Instructional Systems, and Divinity, he provides consulting and coaching services, focusing on leadership, strategy, training development, family life, and human performance improvement. As a certified Reiss Profile Master and Human Performance Technologist, Bryan is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations.

Our Empowering Methodology

Our approach is built on a foundation of understanding and empowerment. We employ the scientifically validated Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) as our guiding tool to unlock the intrinsic motivators and values that shape behavior.


Our methodology is rooted in the belief that self-awareness and interpersonal understanding are the cornerstones of personal and professional growth.


Through the RMP, we delve deep into what drives individuals and teams, enabling us to craft personalized solutions that lead to sustainable empowerment. Our approach fosters harmonious relationships, nurtures untapped potential, and cultivates the path to success.


Discover how our empowering methodology can guide you towards transformative growth and fulfillment.

Empowering people from diverse industries

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