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Empowerment for a Brighter Tomorrow

We're committed to helping you unlock your potential, find meaning in your life, and make informed career decisions. Our services focus on self-discovery and empowerment, ensuring you achieve personal and professional success.


We specialize in empowering organizations through tailored solutions. Our services, including teambuilding, leadership development, and conflict resolution, are designed to enhance performance, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable growth. We help your organization thrive by harnessing the power of self-awareness and effective teamwork.


Be an expert in motivational intelligence by acquiring confidence and competence in the use of the Reiss Motivation Profile® or RMP from the Reiss Profile Master Certification Program (RPMCP). Motivational intelligence unlocks human potential and enables you to understand motivation like never before. Join the global community of coaches, HR professionals, consultants and counsellors who trust in the comprehensiveness, precision and accuracy of the Reiss Motivation Profile® to take the efficiency and effectiveness of their work to another level. Our RPMCP is approved by the International Federation of Coaches (ICF) to earn 25 CCE units and by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) to earn 24 PDCs.

Reiss Profile Master Certification

We're the driving force behind personal and professional transformation using motivational intelligence. Meet our team, explore our passion for growth, and join us in your journey to empowerment and success.

Our story is built on a foundation of experience, expertise, and a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of individuals and organizations.

Our team brings together a wealth of knowledge in personal and executive development, and we're driven by the belief that self-awareness, empathy, and collaboration can bring about remarkable changes.

We're not just consultants; we're your partners on the journey to realizing your full potential.

Our mission is to empower you to be your best, fostering meaningful connections, harmonious relationships, and thriving businesses.

Join us in this inspiring journey toward a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Discover Our Empowering Journey

Collaborative Learning

Our approach fosters collaboration and mutual understanding. We believe that effective communication and teamwork are the cornerstones of success, whether in personal relationships or within a business.

Scientifically-Backed Assessments

We rely on scientifically validated tools like the Reiss Profile to provide accurate insights into human needs, motivations, and values, ensuring precise guidance.

Personalized Guidance

We tailor our guidance to the unique needs and goals of each individual or organization, recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't lead to lasting empowerment.

Passion for Empowerment

Our team is genuinely passionate about the journey of personal and professional development. We bring enthusiasm, dedication, and a commitment to positive change to every engagement.

Long-term Sustainability

We focus on sustainable growth, helping individuals and organizations not just overcome challenges but also build the resilience and self-awareness needed for long-term success.

Guiding Your Path to Lasting Empowerment

Elevate, Collaborate, Empower

Tailored Empowerment

We create customized solutions that address your unique needs, whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or an organization aiming for improved performance. Our tailored plans ensure that our solutions fit your specific challenges and objectives.

Proven Methodology

We rely on scientifically validated tools and assessments, such as the Reiss Profile, to provide precise insights and evidence-based strategies for sustainable empowerment.

Collaborative Growth

We focus on empowering individuals and organizations for the long term. Our solutions don't just resolve immediate issues but also equip you with the self-awareness and skills needed to sustain growth, foster positive relationships, and achieve ongoing success.

  • The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a scientific, standard assessment of motives and values of individuals which gives you powerful insights into what motivates their behavior and enables you to predict how they would behave in various situations or when interacting with people. It is a fundamental tool at C3 Empowerment. We utilize it to understand the core values and motivations of our clients, whether they are individuals seeking personal growth or businesses looking to improve performance. The RMP helps us provide personalized guidance and specific, practical solutions.

  • C3 Empowerment’s personal coaching services are designed to empower you by leveraging the insights from your RMP. We create tailored plans to overcome challenges and unlock your potential, whether in your personal life or professional endeavors.

  • At C3 Empowerment, our teambuilding process uses the RMP to assess team members' core values and motivators. This approach enhances team performance by improving understanding, tolerance, and collaboration, ultimately leading to sustainable high performance.

  • Absolutely! At C3 Empowerment, we've successfully resolved conflicts by applying the RMP. By identifying core values and motivators, we've promoted mutual understanding and diffused conflicts in various real-world situations. This approach has consistently resulted in peaceful, lasting resolutions.

  • To begin your empowering journey with C3 Empowerment, simply reach out to us through our contact page. The first step typically involves an initial consultation or assessment in which you will tell us what you want to achieve or what your objectives are. From there, we will develop a personalized plan tailored to your desired goals, setting you on the path to empowerment and success with C3 Empowerment.

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Empowering people from diverse industries

Empower Yourself

Voices of Empowerment

Hear success stories from our clients

My experience with C3 Empowerment's course on understanding the properties and applications of this instrument was a remarkable one. It far exceeded my previous encounters with similar topics in other courses. The trainer's expertise and preparation in every aspect of the instrument were evident, and they managed to establish an incredible connection with all participants. Even though we spent over three hours daily on Zoom, the sessions felt engaging and the time passed effortlessly. This course has been a refreshing and enlightening journey, and I am now equipped with valuable knowledge and insights about the instrument's properties and applications.

Marco Passuello

The program exceeded my expectations. The real-life examples and the practical insights on how to apply the Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) were incredibly valuable. Over the course of two days, I was thoroughly engaged by the excellent content and thought-provoking discussions. The time truly flew by, which is a testament to the program's effectiveness. I left with a deep understanding of RMP, ready to utilize it effectively with our clients. This certification has been a game-changer for me and my approach to personal development and coaching.

Natalie Blacker


The organization is in a much better position to better deploy and tap its talent pool going forward as a result of  the work of our consultants, Clem Escano and Sharon Kon. Their success in advising us on how to tap human capital stemmed mostly from their use of the Reiss methodology to provide our management team a useful additional facet in assessing our bench strength and helping us understand very much more clearly the motivational drivers of each individual in the management team. This was achieved through a unique methodology and philosophy which led to each individual’s profile enriched with relevant insights and information.

David H. L. Yong
Ex-CEO of Indonesian Bank

Since becoming a Reiss Profile Master, I've experienced profound personal growth and strengthened family connections through insightful conversations guided by the RMP. Delving into the intricacies of each trait measured in the profile has enriched my understanding of myself and my loved ones. Witnessing the transformative impact of the RMP on my clients has been immensely rewarding. From gaining clarity on their motivations to improving relationships both at home and in the workplace, the RMP has proven to be an invaluable tool in coaching sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend becoming a Reiss Profile® Master; it's a professional investment that continues to compound with each client interaction, empowering you to uncover nuanced behavior patterns and guide others on their journey of self-discovery.

Abu Sofian Eunos 
Keynote Speaker, 
CEO, Seyrul Consulting
Sales & Communication Coach, 
Reiss Profile Master


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