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Reiss Profile Master Certification

Reiss Motivation Profile

Be a Reiss Profile Master! We train and certify you to be one! 


WHAT IS THE REISS PROFILE (Originally Registered as Reiss Motivation Profile and subsequently acquired the trade name Reiss Profile)

“Nearly all psychologically significant motives can be reduced to combinations of 16 human needs. Everybody embraces all 16 needs, but individuals prioritise and combine them differently. Your Reiss Profile (RP) reveals who you are, what motivates you, your deepest values and how you are likely to invest in your development, react to numerous situations and various people.”  IDS



The Reiss Profile is fast becoming the new standard and the tool-of-choice of coaches, consultants, counsellors and anyone involved in the personal development needs of their clients. Indeed, Reiss Profile is the break- through psychological assessment for Self Discovery based on theory of human needs, motives and values. It is to date, the only such tool which is research derived, scientifically tested and validated. You can count on its preciseness and accuracy.


Established on three pillars:

First, the scientific derivation of 16 psychological universal needs in a person,

Second, the conceptual platform for connecting motivation and personality, and

Third, the conceptual platform for connecting motivation and relationships, the RP excels in explaining and predicting behaviour of an individual.


The Reiss Profile is easily the centerpiece for you when mapping your strategies and applications. Used on its own, it has great predictive abilities on likely behaviour and compatibility. Used alongside other psychological personality tools, it has the ability to explain what is observable behaviour. You will be delighted with the ease in gaining an insightful edge into solution focused coaching and consulting.


Best of all, perception differences evaporate when you use the Reiss Profile. Coaching and creating solutions become efficient.