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C3 Empowerment

What can I really be doing?
Who Am I?

With clarity comes congruence and confidence to be an empowered individual.

C3 Empowerment

Will We Work Out Well Together?

Find out your compatibility and your unavoidable conflicts .

C3 Empowerment

How Can Our Executives Be More Effective As A Manager Or As A Leader?

A strong sense of self-awareness is a top predictor of overall sustainable success.

C3 Empowerment

Why Is the Team Dysfunctional?

Mutual acceptance minimizes conflict and fosters teamwork.

C3 Empowerment

How do we know which candidate we are hiring or promoting is the right one?

Core values aligned with what is expected of the candidate will make the crucial difference for success.

welcome to C3 Empowerment

We put decades of experience to helping people in personal development, performance and life balance.
Advising Organizations in transforming Human Resource and Talent management for greater effectiveness and success.

We apply science, the Science of Motivation, to help our clients achieve success with immediate impact and sustainable results

What We Do


Personal Development
Hiring and Promotion
Team Performance
Leadership Development
Conflict Resolution
Staff Engagement



Personal Empowerment
Relationship Analysis
Career Counselling



REISS PROFILE MASTER CERTIFICATION is for Coaches, Counsellors, Trainers,
and anyone whose work requires understanding what drives behavior of an individual.


Reiss Profile Master Certification training program on September 12-13, 2019 in Singapore.
Contact us at
Registration closes on August 8, 2019!

Be A Reiss Profile Master