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Training Notification

Coaches, Trainers, HR and Talent Managers, Career Counsellors

        …. and anyone passionate about personal development



A Reiss Profile Master Certification Training Program leading to certification as Reiss Profile Master is held several times in a year in Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Date and venue will be posted here once a training program is fixed.

For enquiries, including other arrangements, please contact:
Phones: Clem 65-97574709 or Sharon 65-96727672


As a certified Reiss Profile Master, you will be authorized to use the Reiss Profile, have direct access in obtaining the Reiss Profile tool from IDS Publishing Corp., the owner and publisher of Reiss Profile, and integrate its application into your field of work.


Be among the fast increasing number of professionals involved in Personal Development around the world who have found the use of Reiss Profile giving that extra insightful edge in providing efficient and practical solutions to their clients.


The Reiss Profile reflects the total aspect of one’s human nature. And as our behavior is determined to a very large extent by our nature, the Reiss Profile is an excellent predictor of one’s behavior. It shows you important values and motivators other psychological assessments cannot reflect or have to impute.


Whether coaching, counselling, training or consulting on self-empowerment or personal development, you need the psychological profile of the individual. And there is nothing as thorough, complete, incisive and accurate as the Reiss Motivation Profile for self-discovery and self-awareness. It is original and unique, markedly different from and more useful than the older, popular assessment tools.


  • Scientifically validated. Construct of RMP is research-based and results are scientifically validated. Thus, RMP results are accepted with confidence and prediction of behavior with great certainty.
  • Comprehensive. The RMP reflects and measures the 16 Basic Desires which are deeply rooted in human nature. Other popular tools show limited aspects of the whole human nature. The RMP reflect all basic motivators, desires and values which have psychological significance that provide a natural bridge to understanding and predicting behaviour.
  • Individualised. The RMP reflects the psychological profile unique to the individual. There are no classifications into personality types. In reality, two people classified under the same personality type could behave differently due to stronger influence of other values not captured in the test. The RMP avoids errors arising from generalisations.
  • Precise. The RMP predicts behavior directly from a set of significant motivators of an individual, pre-empting risk of error from invalid assumptions.


Program Objectives

The course objectives are to have you achieve competency in understanding, interpreting and using the Reiss Profile in your field of work. You will attain the ability to have clear and comprehensive understanding of an individual’s psychological profile. This will enable you to formulate specific, precise and targeted solutions for effective results.


Program Coverage

  • Research leading to the creation of the Reiss Motivation Profile and its scientific validation
  • Theory of the 16 Basic Desires. What these are. What do they mean.
  • How to interpret and analyze a Reiss Motivation Profile of an individual. How out-of-the-norm strivings result into personality traits and combination of strong and/or weak strivings lead to particular behavior
  • Use of the RMP to get information on an individual’s strengths and areas requiring modifications to realize potential and fulfillment – be it for self-empowerment, executive coaching, talent or leadership development
  • Use of RMP to match an individual’s values and motivators with the values required in a job or position for career planning, hiring or promotion process
  • How RMP can be used to identify potential areas of conflict or for resolving conflicts between business partners, superior-subordinate, peer-to-peer or in personal relationships
  • Use of individual RMPs in a team to improve team dynamics and resolve conflicts among members
  • How to purchase and administer the RMP


Training will be conducted by Clem Escano and Sharon Kon, Global Training Partners of IDS Publishing Corporation U.S.A.