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Master Certification Events

Some of our new Certified Reiss Profile Masters


In the meantime, more feedback from our Masters:

“Thanks so much for the sessions. It was enjoyable and enlightening!”

“The practical applications and case studies were good. It covers a comprehensive range and roles and the discussions were dynamic with real life case scenarios to demonstrate how the RMP can be applied in work and business situations…”

“The vast experiences of trainers help greatly. The ability to handle all types of enquiries from participants is also very helpful. The explanation is clear and comprehensive.”

“The case studies provide good practice in the application of the motivational profile framework & corporate experience of the trainers helped provide good insights to contextualise each situation discussed. Programming of the course was well structured and conducted and the environment for learning very condusive. Thanks for a wonderful experience!”

“Thank you for your follow-up. I enjoyed the training very much and have already given feedback to explore how we can use it further. The 2-days is just nice, considering day one we have to complete the theory and look at case studies and how to approach each challenge. Perfect.”

Reiss Profile Master Certification held in Manila


A delightful group, full of rich experiences, wholly participative and so open to sharing once we got going!

Here’s what they had to say:
“The program has unlocked many deadlocks in truly understanding motivations of people. It was amazing for me to realise and learn a process that scientifically can show/explain the person’s motivations and thus come up with a concise and unbiased reading of the person in the simplest way possible. It was truly a pleasure for me to be part of this program”

“I really appreciated the group discussions and case studies. They were very helpful in gaining the understanding of the tool and profiles. I also appreciate the small size of the group since it was easy to share and learn from everyone.”

“I started out with not a lot of expectations (Read: Boring Classroom set-up) But am pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a small manageable group with a lot of openness and interaction and actual experiences that we can relate to. Admittedly it started out with not much enthusiasism on my part as I felt like everybody was feeling their way through until we got to the individual assessment part. This group is fantastic!”

“It’s fun, easy, very enlightening, practical.”

“I am so lucky to have been invited to join! Thank you!”

At the International Coaching Week event organised by the International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter

Time to meet the professional coaching community and introduce the Reiss Motivation Profile to the coaches for an “out-of-the-box” look at Self- Discovery, at its best. Very interesting… was the quip of the day.


Helping an Indonesian company transform its Human Resource Management

On- site support for RMP Indonesia at their client where two senior HR executives were certified as Reiss Profile Masters. Coaching was for 50 senior and middle executives including the CEO. Immediately after the session, small groups were sharing their RMPs with each other with enthusiasm. The RMP will continue to be used in creating better team dynamics and to be integrated into Talent Management.

Reiss Profile Master Certification program in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The RPM certification program was successfully completed at the Mercantile Athletic Club. A lively group with a great deal of eagerness to start practicing the use of the RMP in business. And indeed, opportunities have been lined up for them! C3 will be onsite, overseeing their observation and practice.

Reiss Master Certification In Indonesia

Reiss Profile Master Certification training program in Singapore.

Here are some comments from our new Reiss Profile Masters:

“I enjoyed the session together with you (Sharon) and Clem, it was really informative and gave us a good understanding of the 16 desires and how to read the motivation profile. I really appreciated your inputs too from a coaching/counselling perspective as those were very valuable to me. I really got a lot of value when we looked at the profiles, at the scales and looked at cases… the practical bit was great.”

– A Coach


“I think RMP is such a powerful tool and it can be used in various fields, such as executive coaching, life coaching, HR management, hiring etc. As a result, different participants may have different needs, for example, the case study of the CEO profiles would be applicable to someone who works in the corporate setting compared to a life coach. I think during the 2 days, there was a wide variety of case studies presented, from Corporate to relationship which showcased the diverse application of RMP.”

– A Trainer

“When was the last time the lights went out in your head and you had that ‘ahuh’ moment. Yes, I had that moment.

I went for the Reiss training workshop thinking it would be another psychological tool of analysis, where what you get classified as would then lead you to an understanding of the why, how and how-to of the typical way one behaves.

What struck me by the 1st hour was how comprehensive the actual tool was, the deeper perception it brought and how easy it was to understand. More importantly, it did not classify a ‘personality type’ but interestingly – it was an insight into what our intrinsic desires were; and how these desires drive our actions and personality. It wasn’t so much whether one was introverted or extroverted, but which desires drives one to be an extrovert in certain situations. What made it exciting for me was the discovery of how several of our desires, coupled with the different degrees of our desires, shaped our own unique personality and goals. Therefore, no 2 persons are the same.

I am encouraged that this can be used in relationships, at home, at work, in teams, and even with oneself as self-discovery. It is almost like a vital skill one should equip oneself with, like a language, in order to function at a higher order.

Compared to other psychological tests I have seen before, this one brings to the surface un-thought-of or not so evident desires which may not usually appear in the first hour, or perhaps first few counseling sessions or tests, having experience with them before.”

– A Business Owner