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Personal Development Service / Support Providers

Business and HR Consultants, coaches, trainers, counsellors and anyone providing mentoring support and coaching for personal self- development, often look for expert knowledge about their client. The same way they seek to know themselves first.

The Reiss Profile (RP) is a major breakthrough self-discovery tool based on needs, motives and values. The RP provides the insight edge into this expert knowledge in learning what motivates a person and how they prioritise universal goals. It also shows how a person’s motives and values play out in relationships at work, in school or at home. The process of learning makes clear what a person may vaguely know but has no firm grasp of it. It also uncovers “blind spots”, obvious to others but not to self.

In business, the RP is used in leadership training programs for purposes of enhancing emotional intelligence, self-awareness and human development. It may add to or replace traditional psychological tools which only analyse behaviour. For coaching people, the RP is the centrepiece for a new strategy and method often leading to inexpensive and practical solutions. Learn more about the Reiss Profile at

We help you integrate a very efficient tool into your work for credible, lasting results. Better yet, we train you to be a certified Reiss Profile Master.

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Reiss Profile Master Certification Training