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Our Services To Organizations


We assist you so that you hire only the right candidate consistently. In our C3 Suitability Assessment Report (C3SAR), we provide our assessment using the RMP on how suitable the candidate is to the job, how good a fit to the company by matching his RMP with the job profile requirements. We also assess his potential and possible behavioral or motivational issues which may hinder his performance and potential.

When promoting someone, the RMP can give a very good reference point on the suitability and any specific developmental action which may be needed.


Our teambuilding workshop uses the RMP to generate sustainable potential in the performance of a team by making every team member understand the kind of person their other team members are, understand their needs and values differences, facilitate tolerance of personality differences so as to create effective team collaboration. By knowing each other’s values and motivators, their acceptance, tolerance and management of each other’s
differences will result in sustainable strong team work and performance.

When forming a team, the person most suitable to make the team effective can be determined by looking at his RMP. Will the person be a good fit to them team and the kind of person who will strengthen the team?


Using the RMP, we facilitate executives and managers understanding what makes them tick,
what are their values and motivators which would determine their behavior.  A leader or manager who has self-awareness, who understands who he is and knows what his blind spots are and does something about it will be effective and his performance will be sustainable, his full potential realizable.

Our leadership development workshop uses the RMP for them to acquire motivational intelligence with which they attain a heightened and comprehensive self-awareness which would empower themselves to manage their natural behaviors to be effective and successful.


We can develop a developmental plan specific to the staff’s individual Reiss Profile so that
identified possible issues which may hinder their performance and potential are brought to their awareness and appropriate developmental actions are taken. Specific values and motivators can also be further  nurtured to strengthen their performance in their current job and their potential for bigger responsibilities.

Through the RMP, managers will know what is important to the staff and what motivates them. This will empower the manager to manage staff individually and in the manner that the staff responds positively, is motivated and feels engaged.

Employees who are managed according to their motivations would be enthusiastic and committed to their jobs.


We resolve conflicts by getting the RMPs of the parties in conflict, discussing their motives and values where they have differences, and how these differences are the cause of their conflicts. Describing the conflict in terms of human needs serves to diffuse the situation through the encouragement of mutual understanding. People who understand each other’s motives and values can learn to get along even when they have different needs or values.


The organization is in a much better position to better deploy and tap its talent pool going forward as a result of  the work of our consultants, Clem Escano and Sharon Kon. Their success in advising us on how to tap human capital stemmed mostly from their use of the Reiss methodology to provide our management team a useful additional facet in assessing our bench strength and helping us understand very much more clearly the motivational drivers of each individual in the management team. This was achieved through a unique methodology and philosophy which led to each individual’s profile enriched with relevant insights and information.

- David H. L. Yong, CEO of an Indonesian Bank