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Given that human beings are complex which makes understanding their basic nature difficult, we help individuals who are looking for self-development to have a clear understanding of themselves, and we help people who need to understand people in their work to have the competence of understanding people to be more effective and successful.

Prof Steven Reiss, using science, has created a powerful method called Reiss Motivation Profile, or RMP, of determining an individual’s life purposes and values which motivate every human being and leads to a clear and comprehensive understanding of an individual.
Also, the motivational intelligence from the RMP generates a heightened self-awareness and is the best way to predict how people will behave at work, home or school.

Our Services To Individuals


For individuals seeking more meaning and fulfilment or wanting success in what they are doing or planning to do, we help you identify your core values and universal set of motivators to achieve a heightened and comprehensive self-awareness of who you are. This will empower you to be clear of what kind of work or activity would make you happy and fulfilled, what “blind spots” you may have which requires to be worked on so as not to be impeded to make progress towards happiness and self-fulfilment.


For people wanting better harmony and satisfaction in living or working with another person, we help both parties understand each other’s basic nature, what their life goals and values are. This relational awareness will empower each of the parties to know where they have similarities in their needs and values which support harmony in their relationship and where
they have differences in their needs and values which would result into quarrels and conflicts. Being able to identify where or what would potentially result into misunderstandings or conflicts, the partners can more easily work out mutually and under calm conditions an agreement to what would be done to prevent their differences from erupting into quarrels and conflict so that their relationship remains harmonious and strong.

For families, parents asking “How can I mentor my children better?”, we help you understand who your children are, what are their life goals and values so that you can motivate and mentor them according to their values, not your values.


We help you discover your basic nature, your needs, values and motivators and know what
makes you “tick”, what makes you happy and what makes you stressed. You will be an informed person to determine what career or work would be suitable for you. The more compatible or matched a career or type of work is with your values and motivators, the more chances that you will be sustainably happy and successful.

Providing Career Guidance to Undergraduates using RMP

Reiss Profile Masters Certification

Learning how to use the RMP for self-awareness, career choices, starting with the first step to likely progression. Definitely something new for the bright and eager participants.